Body Weight Interval Multitasking Workout

You want to know the fastest and most efficient way to burn fat and calories, build muscle, and improve your endurance all at once? Interval training! These workout are so efficient and fabulous that I’m starting a biweekly series for you guys! So be sure to check back for the second workout in the series:). The really great thing is you can do these interval workouts and get all those benefits with no gym or equipment using body weight interval training. Interval training uses variations of speed and intensity to really push your body during the workout so you can get great results in less time. In this workout you will be doing 30 seconds of each move at an intense pace and then get a 15 second break before going to the next move. That being said, if you are new to interval training you may not want to go 100% in the first few rounds of 30 seconds! It will take a time or two to figure out your balance between pacing yourself for the whole workout and training at an intense and beneficial level. You want to be out of breath but able to keep going and everyone’s pace is a little different! But being able to go at your own pace and work towards a higher intensity each time also makes bodyweight interval training a great partner workout! So if you have a friend ready to blast fat, tone up and get their cardio on, grab them and try these awesome body weight intervals! You’ll be glad you did:)
The Moves: In&out Squats, High Knees, Wide Leg Taps, Burpees (no pushup)
The Goal: Get through the whole workout at a pace that challenges you but doesn’t kill you! If you don’t make it though the first time thats ok! It’s a tough one but you’ve got this, I know it! Just work up to the full workout at your full intensity.

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