Booty Plank Challenge

Booty Plank Challenge- mix up your planks with this quick booty and core toning workout!| ?

Planks are a great way to tone your core, shoulders, hamstrings.. it really is a full body move! Plus, with so many variations you can switch it up if you get bored! This challenge is definitely going to switch up your planks and it’s going to really make you use those stabilizing muscles because we are going to be moving during every single plank variation in this workout! The movements added to each plank is going to target your booty! So this workout is going to crush your butt and core, making it an awesome combination!It’s quick but challenging making it the perfect workout for a busy day or adding a little something extra to workout that didn’t quite tire you out! If you aren’t quite ready for this challenge you can start here with a plank workout that starts with static holds and adds a little bit of movement at the end!

Things to Remember While Doing the Booty Plank Challenge

Keep your core engaged!
Tilt your pelvis forward and your heels back.
Try to keep your elbows under your shoulders.
Keep your body in as much of a straight line as possible. So your hips shouldn’t sag down and your booty should be way up in the air.
Don’t crane your neck up or down, try and keep it neutral and relaxed.
Realize your plank is not going to be as 100% perfect as it would be if you were just holding a static plank! That’s ok! Just go for it with the best possible form you can!

The Booty Plank Challenge Moves

Alternating full plank fire hydrant, alternating forearm plank with bent leg pulse, side plank with leg raise right and left, alternating full plank tap outs, alternating forearm plank leg raise, Side plank V taps right and left

Booty Plank Challenge

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