Lower Body HIIT

Welcome to today’s wonderfully sweaty lower body HIIT workout! Yay! All you need for this is a (sturdy) chair, box or bench so get excited for some fat blasting fun! 😀

As I often do with these follow along workouts, I used this one as my The Get Fit Guide HIIT today! I’m training on the weeks 13-24 schedule right now but this is great for any week! If you’re looking for something to pair it with definitely check back to last week’s workout for 10 Minute Awesome Abs  cause there’s nothing like a good, sweaty HIIT followed by some ab burn! Am I right?!

Anyways keeping this short and sweet today but I hope your enjoy the workout! Be sure and let me know how it was and what you’d like to see next below!

18 Minute Lower Body HIIT

3 x 45 seconds work : 15 rest

Step Up Burpee R&L – Start in a full plank with hands near your step/box/chair. Hop feet in to hands and step up onto the chair!
Sit Squat Hops – Start seated on the chair with one foot planted and the other slightly hovering the ground. Press through your planted foot to come up of the chair and hop slightly off the ground. Land and slowly lower yourself back to seated before repeating on the other side.
Step Overs – Start with one foot up on the chair and the other on the side of the chair. Step into the chair to lift up and hop the foot on the floor on top of the chair and the foot that was on top to the other side of the chair.
High Taps – Standing in front of the chair, slightly leaned back with abs engaged, quickly run feet to or right above the chair.
Sumo Pulse Hops – In a sumo stance hovering the chair, pulse 5 times then hop in the air.

I hope you enjoyed that one! 😀

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!