Processed Sugar Free Fudge Frosting

I love dates! They’re they’re the perfect way to sweeten things up without using processed sugar. They’re a staple in my cabinet and when I realize I’m running low I run out and get them. It’s just one of those things I always have and am very good about keeping tabs on. This is rare because I let myself run out of a lot of food before realizing ‘maybe I should head to the store‘. Dates are one of the things that keeps me on track during my processed sugar free months and one of the things that really allows me to stay really low on processed sugar day to day. I use it to sweeten granola, my shakes, overnight oats and pretty much any random treat I may make when I’m feeling like staying on track. They’re great, have no distinct taste, they’re just sweet.

Ok so enough of my raving about my love of dates. I realized I went a bit wild when suddenly I looked up to a paragraph. Oops. Maybe I like them even more than I thought. Weird thing though, I don’t eat them plain. I’ve never just popped a date in my mouth as a snack. I’m weird about my food.

The first time I made this I ate a bit too much of it. I was just stunned that it tasted as good as it did. I literally had the though, ‘wow maybe I can never eat real icing again’ and that’s big. It’s coming from the person who ended their sugar free month with a treat of fudge cake with fudge icing. Oops again!

Anyways, the other part that I love about this is it’s really easy to make. I don’t do complicated cooking. I’m not gifted in that area. So this is super simple! I’m currently praying I put the exact recipe on a note in my phone.. annd ok, here we are. What a relief. On to the processed sugar free fudge frosting cause that’s what we’re all here for! 😀

Cause if you’re gonna have a treat, it might as well be packed full of fiber and minerals, right? It’s of course important to remember these types of things are still a treat and we don’t wanna go eating the entire recipe of frosting in one sitting, though it can be tempting!

Processed Sugar Free Fudge Frosting


  •  15 Medjool Dates (these are the bigger ones! You’ll need a lot more of the other dates)
  •  1 Cup Almond Milk (or other milk)
  •  1/2 Cup Cacao Powder (or cocoa powder)


*Makes about a 16 oz mason jar full of frosting!



So here we go with the easiest instructions ever! You’ll need a food processor/high power blender here so that everything mixes nice and smooth. I have one of those blenders that you can use with a cup or food processor piece.

  1.  Pit your dates and put them in the food processor.
  2.  Add 3/4 cup almond or other milk.
  3.  Process for about 2 minutes.
  4.  Add 1/2 cup cacao and another 1/4 cup almond milk.
  5.  Process for another 1-2 minutes. The main thing here when you’re blending is that everything looks smooth when you’re done. You don’t wanna see big chunks of date!

And that’s it! You are now the amazing chef of processed sugar free fudge frosting! Awesome job! 😀

I like to store  mine in mason jars in the fridge if I’m not making it for a specific thing like putting on top of these almond flour brownies. This recipe makes about a 16 oz mason jar full so if you’re not wanting that much be sure to cut it down!

Let me know if you gave it a try and what you used it for! I’d love to hear!


Sweat, Smile, Repeat! And Eat!