Tips to Quit Mindless Snacking

It has happened to all of us. We think we’re going to have a little snack but before we know it, we’re about 6 times past what we planned on eating. Possibly uncomfortably full and maybe feeling a little sick because we weren’t conscious of how much we just ate! I’ve done it with Cheetos guys and the aftermath is not fun! Here’s a few tips that have helped me to quit mindlessly eating! (as usual, video at the bottom if you’d rather watch/listen!)

Hydrate – Make sure you’re drinking enough water! Our bodies need water to function properly and it’s easy to get snacky when you’re dehydrated even though you’re not physically hungry!

Keep healthy snacks on hand – Having snacks ready can help to make sure you’re not getting super hungry between meals. When you get super hungry it’s east to just eat anything which can lead to grabbing everything in sight, taking it with you to your desk, the tv, etc. and just eating it until it’s gone because you’re so hungry nothing else matters beyond eating right this second. Have those healthy snack ready wherever you go! Some good options: fruit, nuts, veggie cuts & hummus, power bites, granola (be sure and check the ingredients), and whole food based energy/protein bars!

Eat enough during meals – Making sure we are satisfied during a meal can really help reduce mindless snacking. When we’re used to grabbing chips or candies because we’re super hungry 30 minutes after lunch, it becomes a habit we don’t even think about. Make sure you’re loading up on veggies, protein and healthy fats each meal! This will have you stay fuller longer so you’re not reaching for the snacks right after lunch or dinner.

Only keep out the amount you want to eat with you – I can’t be the only person who has sat down with a snack and before I know it, I’ve eaten about 8 servings instead of the one I planned on..oops! Pouring the serving size you want to eat out in a napkin or bowl and taking it away with you is a super simple but super effective way to keep from mindless eating! After all, even something nourishing like cashews can become a problem if we’re eating 5 servings at a time! Is it easier to take the whole bag of your snack? Yes. But taking only the amount you want to eat has a much happier ending! 😀

Focus on your food – This is pretty much a reminder to eat mindfully. A lot of times we snack on the go, while watching tv or doing multiple other distracting activities. When we’re focused on other things, our bodies don’t have the chance to realize, or at least communicate to us, that we are full! Try actually thinking about what you’re eating. Enjoy the flavor, remember why you like it, etc. This is going to help you enjoy your food more overall as well! I know I’ve been guilty of finishing a snack before I even registered I was eating it and then wanting more!

Sip on some herbal tea – This was something that really helped me with night time snacky-ness. It’s easy to sit in front of the TV and eat an entire bag of popcorn because we’re not paying attention, we just brought it over with us. Most of the time if we just ate dinner, we’re really not hungry. Sipping on something like tea after dinner, gave me something to enjoy while watching a movie or getting some work done.

A huge part of mindless eating is just taking a second to determine if we are actually  hungry or not! It’s east to see something we like and eat it just because we like it. Sometmies that’s fine! We all need a treat now and again, it’s when it becomes a habit that we run into trouble! So next time you’re headed to the snack machine right after lunch, take a second to think of why you’re doing it! Is it hunger or habit?

Tips to Quit Mindless Snacking

I hope some of these help! Let me know if you give them a try! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!