Toned Butt and Legs Swiss Ball Style

Everybody wants a toned butt and legs! But doing the same squats, deadlifts and lunges constantly can get pretty old. Here’s a great way to add a little variety to your leg workouts and maybe even hit a few muscles you didn’t know were there!:)

One of the major reasons the swiss ball is a great piece of equipment is the added core engagement that it brings to almost everything you do on it. Since the ball is constantly shifting you are having to engage your core and all of your stabilizing muscles(that we sometimes neglect) to help keep balanced and prevent yourself from toppling over!

Toned Butt and Legs Swiss Ball Moves

In all of these exercises: Go at a pace that allows you to keep good form and balance! It’s always better to focus on form rather than speed so that you don’t hurt yourself in any way. A good way to stay balanced is to make sure you are keeping your core engaged in all the moves!

The Moves:

15-20 Swiss leg lift
8-15 Straight leg bridge
8-15 Raised bridge
8-12 Roll in
6-10 Swiss split squat
:20-:30 Swiss wall sit

The workout:

Beginners:Be sure to take the moves slow at first until you’re sure you’ve got them down! Go for 2-3 rounds depending on how you feel and work through the moves with as little rest as possible while allowing yourself enough rest to finish all the full workout! Start with the lower range of reps.
Advanced: Go for 4 rounds with as little rest as possible while still being able to finish the workout. Shoot for the higher reps!

Toned Butt and Legs Swiss Ball Workout

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