Yoga Balance Poses Work Everything

Why Balance Poses

Yoga Balance poses are amazing for you entire body! You can feel it everywhere while you hold the pose. This means you get more tone for your yoga time! All off these poses are multitaskers picked to get you the most benefit in the least amount of time because, who isn’t busy?

Getting the Most Out of Yoga Balance Poses

So you’re going to do the work you might as well get everything you can from it! You want to make sure that you are actively engaging all of your muscles involved in the pose so that you are toning and working all of those muscles. So, here are some things to keep in mind:

During each of these poses you should engage your core! It should be tight and keeping you upright and stable. A tight core will also help you to balance longer and more easily!

Make sure to keep your glutes and quad engaged! This will be especially helpful during Tree, Warrior 3 and Hand to Big Toe It will help you balance and you’ll be working those parts of your body more when actively engaging them.

In all of these poses make sure your arms are kept full of energy and reaching out towards the directions they are pointing. Having ‘strong’ engaged arms during these poses will ensure that they too are benefitting from the pose and will allow for easier balance!

If you are having trouble balancing pick a spot to look at and try to clear your mind of reasons why you will fall. Focus on engaging your body fully in the pose rather than thoughts of falling and I bet you’ll fall less:)

This Yoga Balance Pose Sequence

Hold each pose anywhere from 15-45 seconds depending on your level of balance! Repeat the sequence 2-4 times.
Falling is completely ok! These are difficult poses to master the first try but they are so fun to do because you can see yourself improve more and more each time! What are your favorite poses?

Yoga Balance Poses are great for toning your whole body because your whole body is engaged and working to keep you upright! |

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