25 Minute Total Body Shaper with Bands

Happy Workout timee, it’s workout timee! Yay! If you follow my Instagram or snap story you may have heard that 5 second song :D. Always a great way to get pumped up for you workout!

Today’s workout goes along with the Vlog I made recently about workout equipment I travel with so if you’re wanting to check that out, I’ve linked it!

I’m definitely more of dumbbell person overall but bands are soo amazingly useful for traveling. This workout can be done anywhere as long as you have a band! Which conveniently fits in a suitcase or carry on. Who loves ways to never miss a workout?! Me! Me! 😀

This workout is low impact. It’s just as easy to throw a few plyometric moves in if you’d like but today I didn’t. If you wanna throw something a bit more heart rate intensive on afterwards check out this lovely 15 minute HIIT workout.

But here we are with bands! Just a few basic things here: less slack between where you place your foot on the band and the handle means more tension/harder resistance. If you need to make things easier, leave more slack. For more challenge, shorten that resistance. If you don’t use bands often it may take a second to feel this out, that’s ok! Banded exercises are going to feel a bit different than their dumbbell counter parts. That’s also ok, it’s a different variation of the move! Your body is having to work in a different way and that’s good! Just compare the Squat to Alternating Press with the band vs with dumbbells. They’re definitely a little bit different but the same principles apply with form! So remember to keep checking your form with these exercises!:)

25 Minute Total Body Shaper with Bands


Reps listed Below x3 Rounds

12 Squat to Alternating Press – Be sure to keep in mind the same form for any other squats! Core engaged, chest open, butt sits back and down! Feet step on band.

10 Bent Row R&L – Abs engaged, butt slightly back. Back is pulling your arms back and along your sides. Less slack = more resistance. Foot/feet step on band so you can pull against it.

10 Split Squat R&L – Start in the bottom of a lunge and press up to the top of a lunge, pulling against the resistance of the band. Sink back down.  One foot is placed on the cross section of the bands to keep the resistance.

12 Tricep Extension – Grip the handle or the band behind your head. Elbow stay in close as you pull against the band to straighten your arms. One foot is on the band to keep resistance.

10 Lunge & Curl – Start in the bottom of a lunge with your back leg lifted off the ground and your chest open but bent over your front(bent) leg. Press up through the front foot to standing, bringing the knee up and curling the handle of the band towards your shoulder. Front foot is placed on the band to keep resistance. Core activation is key for balance here!

15 Kickbacks R&L – In an all fours position, one foot goes in the band and presses it straight back. Hold the handles in your hands to keep resistance. Abs engaged!

I hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know how it went! I’m hopefully going to be adding an upper body and lower body banded workout soon as requested! So keep an eye out over the next few weeks if you’re a fan!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!