Fat Burning Body Toning Intervals

Get ready to sweat with these fat burning body toning intervals! It’s session 2 of the interval training series and this may be your new favorite interval workout.. or at least one that’s gonna get your cardio up and your body on fire:) You’ll alternate between 20 seconds of an all out body weight movement and the isometric holds that immediately following them. So you’ll get all the benefits of isometric poses and intense interval training in one quick workout! and since were talking interval truing here, this workout are going to tone your body while burning major calories and kickstarting your metabolism all in under 10 minutes! It’s the perfect workout for a busy day when you still want to make sure you get some great work in. These intervals allow you to burn out your muscles in less time with short breaks, isometric holds and an intense work rate that will get your heart pumping and make this workout double as cardio.

So let’s get to these awesome fat burning and body toning intervals..
The Moves:
Skaters- squat hold, Sumo Kicks-Sumo squat hold, Cross Under Kicks- Full plank hold, Chair Hops- Chair hold

The Workout:
3 rounds of 4 moves with a 10 second static hold after each move! You’ll feel the burn, but it burns so good because that’s your muscles getting long, lean and toned!

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