Lower Body Isometric Toning Moves

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Repping out squats and lunges isn’t the only way to get an amazingly lean and toned lower half! These isometric poses can help you do just that. Isometric holds use your muslces without contracting them. They stay the same length during the move you are performing, unlike in something like a bicep curl where you contract the muscle during the curl and lengthen it during the lowering phase of the move.
One of the great parts of isomeric exercises is that you don’t need any equipment to do them! You can do this workout without any added resistance or equipment so it’s great for when you’re on the go or away from home and can’t get to a gym! These moves may not get you out of breath but you will definitely still sweat. Your body will be using some of the largest muscle groups it has to hold these poses!

The Lower Body Isometric Workout

The Goal:
Hold each move for 45 seconds giving your self a 15 second break between moves
Repeat the sequence 3 times!
This can be a challenging at first! If it is, you can modify the workout in a few ways! Give yourself time to work up to the full 45 seconds. Start with an amount of time that is challenging but allows you to complete more than one round and gradually add time every time you do the workout! Another option for modification is to lengthen the rest interval. If you can complete 45 seconds but are unable to make it though the whole round give yourself a little bit of extra rest after each move.

The moves: single leg squat hold Right and Left, Chair Pose, Sumo Stance, Wall sit and Single Leg Bridge hold Left and Right.

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