10 Minute Inner Thigh Toner

This workout video is a fast but effective inner thigh toner! With a mix of standing moves and moves on the mat were going to get your inner thigh from every angle to really burn them out!

Inner Thigh Trauma

So, inner thigh’s get a really bad rap and people often have a hate what their thighs look like more than any other part of their body because they compare them to every photoshopped, fake picture out there on the internet. Real thighs don’t look like the ones in magazines or posters. These ones have been shaped, trimmed, tanned and filtered to look a certain way that has been taken on as the “ideal”. The “ideal” isn’t realistic for the majority of people.
I’m not saying you can’t shape your thighs with hard work and dedication! You 100% can have toned thighs! (that’s one of the reasons why I made this workout!:)) It’s just that since the image we have been given as “ideal” isn’t realistic for most people in the world, we as girls/women need to be able to love our bodies no matter what phase of the fitness journey we are in! Loving your journey towards fitness is important because it will keep you working towards your goals and motivated to keep improving!

The Inner Thigh Toner Moves

Cassock squats, sumo hops, cross jacks, sumo pulse to curtsey lunge, raised adductor, adductor plus, thigh lift plank, scissors

The Workout

Every move is done for 30 seconds, pretty much back to back! Besides being interrupted by a few of my explanations of the moves! You’ve got this!:) This workout can be done alone or added to other leg work or any other workouts you love! It would be great paired with some of these! Fat Burning Toning Intervals(add some carido!) , 3 Mintute Drop It Like A Squat Challenge(Make it a leg day!:)) , Upper Body HIIT(to get in a total body workout)