Upper Body HIIT Burnout

All over upper body HIIT workout. Only 6 minutes! | sugarysixpack.com

It’s time for our third bodyweight HIIT series workout!Body weigh training has amazing benefits so it’s great for these workouts! Plus it give your the ability to do these workouts anywhere and any time because you don’t need a gym! This time we’re going to do and upper body HIIT and focus on getting an amazingly toned arms and shoulders. Were going to do 3 rounds of 4 moves to really target and burnout your arms and shoulders. We’re even going to get a little bit of core work in here! It’s a great workout and it only takes 6 minutes to do so you can even squeeze it in on a busy day! Now let’s get to sweating with this awesome Upper Body HIIT:)

The Moves:
Sphinx plank(start in plank position and lower yourself down to sphinx then raise yourself up to plank)
Pike Push up(start hands and feet on the ground while face down, butt in the air. Kind of an inverted V shape and do push ups. Your legs can be straight or slightly bent here depending on which is more comfortable for you)
Crab dips(on your hands and feet face towards the sky, keeping your butt high, one leg raised, do dips in this position)
Push up hop overs( push up position, do one push up then hop your feet to the left or right. adjust hands and do another push up before hoping back to center, alternate hop directions- to modify this move do on knees and straighten to plank step or hop to each new position)

The Plan:
3 rounds- each move is done all out for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break

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