5 Minute Ab Challenge Workout

It’s time for the 5 Minute ab Challenge! This one is great! And you’re abs are going to be burning by the end! Which is awesome and what you want of course:) You’re going to burn out your abs really quickly because once you start there are no breaks. There are 5 moves and the sequence is done twice with no rest so you’re going to feel the burn pretty quickly. This workout is meant to sculpt and tone your abs but you’re also going to need some cardio so you can reveal those great abs you’ve been working on! The combination of awesome ab moves to create a six pack with cardio to burn fat will get you the abs you’ve always wanted! Be sure to check out the cardio workouts under the video to supplement your ab training! And now, let’s get to the challenge!

The 5 Minute Ab Challenge Moves:

(shown in the video before we start)
Boat Curls, Starfish, Woodchops, Scissors, Plank Hip Swivels

The 5 Minute Ab Challenge Plan:

Each of the 5 moves is done for 30 seconds each with no rest in between. Repeat twice!

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