Banded Back & Shoulder Shaper

Happpyy Friday! What a wonderful day to be alive! 😀 1. cause it’s Friday and 2. cause you’re about to do this killer shoulder and back workout! What could be better?

So this is a bit of a rare video for the SugarySixPack YouTube channel. I dread doing upper body (aka I don’t like to film myself as I dieee) and I rarely do workouts that don’t get your heart rate to the sky. This is a low impact, low intensity, back and shoulder burrrrn. My shoulders are struggling as I sit here and type, that’s the wondrfulness that is this workout. Pleasee give it a shot!

Bands are great for traveling or any time you need minimal equipment. The resistance can be adjusted just by gripping them in a different spot or moving where your feet area placed on them (as shown in the video!). So having workouts like this in your back pocket(along with a band in your suitcase) makes staying on track when you’re out of town easy, which is always nice!

Today is my The Get Fit Guide total body day! I got a little off track this week while filming a project and everything is a day behind. Soo since this is not total body I paired it with quick lower body circuit after! Here are a few suggestions if you want to do the same! 🙂

18 Min Lower Body HIIT (chair)

20 Minute Thigh Targeted HIIT

24 Min Lean & Lifted Lower Body

Banded Back & Shoulder Shaper

When using bands, make sure you fight the urge to let it pull you quickly back to start! You want to pull against the resistance then slowly lower back down to starting! You’re working through the entire movement! Bonus!

3 Rounds as non stop as possible.

Lat Back x10

Side Raise&Rotate x10

Bent Row x10

Band Pull x15

Press x10

Bent Fly R&L x10

Front Raise x10

I hope you enjoyed that workout! Let me know if you give it a try!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!