Weekly Food Preps & Tips

So I’ve started doing a weekly Facebook / YouTube live! This is one of them! 🙂 Last week was a grocery haul and this week we’re talking about food again..cause food is a great topic right?! If you miss these lives, they can be at weird times, the nice thing about FB & YT is that they keep them! So feel free to go check out those groceries and these weekly food preps & tips. That video is actually going to be below as well! Yay!

My Top 3 Weekly Food Preps

Overnight oats – Whether you’re eating them for breakfast or using them post workout like I do, these are a great thing to make a batch of at the start of the week! They’re simple, filling and will last. It’s takes away the time spent making food in the morning, allowing for me to be less rushed and know that post workout I won’t be scrambling to get some food!

Cacao Bites (or some healthy ‘treat’) – I always have a healthier ‘treat’ made so that when cravings strike, I’m prepared. It helps me to avoid the ‘oh I’ll just grab a Kit Kat cause I’ll die without something chocolate’ feeling. If I know I have a healthier chocolate treat waiting to be eaten, it’s much easier to skip the processed snack and go for the food I have ready!

Try these!

Chocolate Granola

Power Bites

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Bites

Home Made Granola

Cinnamon Sugar [Free] Bites

Chicken – Making a big batch of something versatile at the start of the week can save you from many a drive through on the way home from work. If you know there’s something waiting for you when you get home, it’s easier to stay on track. It’s when we’re starving and know that there’s a solid hour of cooking ahead of us before we can have dinner, that we start to falter. Make it as easy as you can to stay on track, have things ready! I love having a big batch of chicken made because I can easily have it on salad, sprouted bread or plain with another veggie!

Top 3 Things I Keep in Mind for Food Planning

These are super simple questions at the top of my mind when shopping or planning food for the week! I don’t do any type of hard core meal prepping but these are the top things I’m keeping in mind!

Do I have something to eat for before my workout? If I don’t have something quick and easy ready to eat every morning before my workout, it becomes a reason to skip! And we don’t want that! Be ready, have something you know sits well with you and gives you the energy you need to crush your morning workout.

Do I have healthy snacks around? This is big. I like to have fruit, nuts, things I make, LaraBars and other healthy snacks around so that they’re just as easy or easier to grab than something less nutritious. We are so much more likely to stay on track when we’re prepared and staying on track is the easy option!

What veggie will I have each meal? I won’t forget to have healthy fats or protein each meal but I am not the girl that loves veggies. I can easily go a few days and not miss them at all. That’s why this is key for me. If you’re not a veggie person either, try thinking of how you’re going to get your veggies in throughout the week ahead of time. Having a plan of attack helps!

I hope something here was helpful for you! I’d also love to hear what you do to get ready for the week! 🙂

Sweat, Smile, Repeat!