The Your Best Core Guide

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Creating a strong and functional core in pregnancy, postpartum and all stages of life!

Have you ever wondered why diastasis recti happens? Or how to prevent and heal it? Are you pregnant and unsure what's safe and effective for you core? Newly postpartum and looking for an optimal recovery?

In this guide you learn how your optimal 360 breath can support your body in every way from digestion to incontinence and so much more. You'll also learn how to create true core function that supports your body in pregnancy, postpartum and even your optimal workouts. A functional core is a strong core!

core function


Reviewed and approved by Women's Health Physical Therapists

Get Fit Food Guide

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An easy to follow nutrition guide that will give you the information and power to make your own healthy choices that you can feel good about! It’s filled with tips for creating a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable!

No more starting over and over with crazy diets.

Create nourishing habits that get you to your goals and keep you there while eating food you actually enjoy.



HIIT Workout

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A month long HIIT workout E-Book guide designed to work your entire body, burn fat and get you in great shape! Once downloaded it’s yours to keep so feel free to go for a second month!

5 workouts a week
30 minutes a day
No equipment needed

Unlimited access to videos of each days moves in your account dashboard.



The Get Fit Super Kit

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Because sometimes you just want all the fitness fun! This bundle includes the Get Fit Guide: Weeks 1-12, The Get Fit Guide: Weeks 13-24,  and The Get Fit Food Guide! Designed to burn fat and build muscle, getting you looking lean and feeling healthy, fit and stronger than ever!

Plus your BONUS 12 month calendar to keep track of all your progress!

Jump into all 24 weeks of the training that got me my best results!



The Get Fit Kit

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Jump start your fitness journey with The Get Fit Guide workout plan and Food Guide! With home workouts 30 minutes long and easy and effective nutrition tips and planning, you’ll be on the way to your goals in no time!

Eat to optimize your workouts and progress, change the way you think about good nutrition, create a lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best.


It's the home workout lifestyle

Burn fat, get lean, and enjoy doing it!

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"Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself, be proud of every step you take toward your goal."

I want to cheer on you! Share you progress before and afters on Instagram and join the community by adding hashtags #TheGetFitGuide #GFGjourney and tag me@SugarySixPack